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Frequently asked questions

What is a Transaction Coordinator?  

A Transaction Coordinator manages and monitors all details involved in closing a real estate transaction through consistent communication with realtors, clients, mortgage companies, & attorney's. We are responsible for maintaining files and processing all information and documents for each transaction. We are your point of contact from contract to closing. 

Why do I need a Transaction Coordinator?

Real Estate is not an easy business and it can be challenging and overwhelming to keep up with the many moving parts throughout the transaction process. You deserve to treat your limited time as the valuable asset it really is. By hiring Levine Contract To Close as your Transaction Coordinator, you will free up your time, acquire more business, and improve your quality of life. Let us deal with chasing down signatures and organizing disclosures. 

Will you have contact with my clients?

Yes, to make the closing process the most efficient we communicate directly with your client and keep you informed of all communications and CC you on emails and other correspondence. 

How can I contact my TC?

Your Transaction Coordinator is available by email, phone, and text during business hours. For important details, we prefer it is sent via email to create a paper trail.  


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